Bendigo Region Wine Awards.

cliffawardsBendigo’s best shiraz has been decided and it’s the 2015 Burnt Acre Shiraz that was the clear winner.

The general public got their chance to become professional wine judges during Bendigo Uncorked Week, sampling from 16 shiraz varieties submitted by wineries from across the Bendigo wine region, and ultimately choosing the 2015 Burnt Acre shiraz as the winner.

Participants sampled each shiraz in one of six tasting sessions conducted at Wine Bank on View. Blind tasting of each shiraz meant no participant knew which wineries each wine came from. The votes were secured in the Wine Bank on View vault until they were counted and the 2015 Burnt Acre Shiraz was announced as the winner at the conclusion of Bendigo Uncorked Week.

Burnt Acre winemaker Cliff Stubbs said that winning the People’s Choice Award for Bendigo’s best shiraz is very rewarding. “We’ve been producing shiraz since the 1992 vintage, and are passionate about our winemaking,” he said.
“Winning Bendigo’s best shiraz competition has resulted in our winery being swamped with orders." “We enjoy making concentrated shiraz; wines that linger in the mouth that are ripe and full of flavour, but also soft with fine tannins, wines that reflect the place where they are grown, and also the season in which they have grown, as no two years are the same. The Bendigo region really does produce great red wines and has been the quiet achiever of the Victorian wine industry over the past 30 years.”

Burnt Acre Vineyard was planted in 1972 and produces rich, full flavoured wines that are said to develop beautifully with cellaring.

The 2017 Bendigo’s best shiraz competition was run by the Bendigo Winegrowers Association and Wine Bank on View as part of Bendigo Uncorked Week last month. It was an opportunity for participants to enjoy the range of spectacular shiraz coming out of the Bendigo wine region.


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